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European Cross-Border Initiatives: Toward Fair Medicine Deals?

9 December 2021

The European Health Data Space From a Civil Society Perspective

18 November 2021

Towards a childhood free from unhealthy food marketing

9 November 2021

What next for European action on childhood obesity?

12 October 2021

Investing in Roma Youth for advancing fairer and healthier European societies

12 October 2021 

Health equity for Romani people in the context of Europe’s recovery and resilience

28 September

Vaccines for all? Undocumented Migrants and Homeless People Left Behind

30 June 2021


Ensuring responsible antimicrobial use in EU food production : MEP Interest Group on AMR Annual Meeting

29 June 2021


Finding sustainable funding to build health equity in Europe

24 June 2021 


EPHA #A2MDialogues: The Oslo Medicines Initiative: a new social contract with pharma

15 June 2021


Tackling the health impacts of non-exhaust road emissions

3 June 2021


The revision of the EU Regulations on medicines for children and for rare diseases

20 May 2021


EPHA #A2MDialogues : Negotiating with pharma: lessons from the EU COVID-19 vaccine negotiations

18 May 2021


Reducing inequalities from the first years of life: the role of Early Childhood Development

4 May 2021


Why are we vaccine hesitant in a pandemic? Tools to boost confidence in vaccines

22 April 2021


EPHA #A2MDialogues: Sustainable access to effective antibiotics - what should the EU do?

15 April 2021


Combatting inequalities in healthcare: a first step towards health equity for Roma

8 April 2021


Why and how should we prioritize marginalized communities in the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in Europe?

25 March 2021 


Industry tactics in a changing tobacco control policy environment

24 March 2021 


EPHA #A2MDialogues: After COVID-19, what's next for EU medicines policies?

9 March 2021


Gender-based violence in COVID-19: a double challenge for marginalised groups

8 March 2021


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