Dr Joanna Kaniewska

Senior Consultant, Talent & Capacity Development

Joanna (AKA Asia) joined EPHA in September 2021 after gaining research and science communication experience in academia, industry and NGO sectors. Over the years, she has investigated the role of food on colon cancer prevention, managed multicentred clinical trials and translated science to make it presentable, accessible and understandable to all.

While a scientist at heart, with a BSc in Medical Genetics from the University of Huddersfield and a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Aberdeen, Joanna’s true passion lays in working with people, uncovering their potential and developing their talents. She is a certified coach and facilitator. She is actively involved in the European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP) where she leads the mentoring team.

At EPHA, Joanna takes care of talent and capacity development. She strives to elevate EPHA’s organisational culture and support the continuous growth and learning of EPHA’s colleagues. She also supports engagement with EPHA’s members, including coordination of their capacity development.

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