Two thirds of Europeans live in cities. More than 80% of people living in urban areas that monitor air pollution are exposed to air quality levels that exceed the World Health Organization (WHO) limits, with low-income or other disadvantaged populations the most impacted. EPHA is working with a number of organisations at national level to campaign for healthier cities where urban policies reduce air pollution and increase physical activity via safe, active and sustainable mobility. 


Air pollution and transport policies at city level

An analysis of 28 types of urban policies and their effects on tackling transport-related air pollution

How much is air pollution costing our health?

Find out the cost where you live

Health impacts and health costs of diesel emissions in the EU

The health costs of diesel emissions in 9 European countries

EPHA Recommendations

8 recommendations for city mayors and leaders on how to tackle the social costs of air pollution

News and advocacy 

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Meet our Clean Air for Health Policy Lead:

Matteo Barisione

Junior Policy Manager​ for Global Public Health

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