Cleaner road transport requires an ambitious Euro 7 Emission Standards Policy

Air pollution causes a major health impact in Europe, causing hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths. It is the most significant environmental risk that Europeans face, reducing the amount of time they spend living healthy. A major contributor to air pollution in Europe comes from motorised road transport. The air pollution emitted by vehicles, and the health, social, wellbeing and economic burden this places on individuals, cities, States and the region can be curbed with a strong European Union policy. The Euro 7 Emission Standards Policy is a great chance to improve the health of those living in Europe, and to avert premature morbidity and mortality related to air pollution from road transport.

The European Public Health Alliance, the European Respiratory Society, and the members and partners of both organisations, are advocating for an ambitious, stringent, logical and health-focussed Euro 7 Emissions Standard to be put in place across the European Union, without delay.

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