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The need for strong European action to tackle the flaws in our health systems and support our health workforce have been highlighted by different countries’ ability to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak as effectively as others.

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Air pollution clears in cities globally - new maps revealed

COVID-19 reveals urgent need for a common European public health approach

EPHA statement on COVID-19

Is the Coronavirus threat greater for polluted cities?

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COVID-19: EPHA Members Resources

Click on each organisation’s name to discover links to their resources on COVID-19.  Bookmark this page for regular updates

European Academy of Paedriatics
European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
European Association of Senior Hospital Physicians/European Federation of Salaried Doctors
European CanCer Organisation
European Region of the World Confederation for Physiotherapy
European Medical Students' Association
European Respiratory Society
Resources on COVID-19 including: Expert-led webinars;  New ERS publications and articles; Research summaries; Respiratory patient Q&A  from the European Lung Foundation All resources are free to access












COVID-19 and asthma: World Asthma Day statement

European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
Royal College of Physicians
Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems
Smoke Free Partnership
The Association of Public Health Schools in the European Union

Key Resources

World Health Organization (WHO) platform

European Commission platform

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) platform

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