Dieselgate 5 years on

How EPHA partners are taking action on air pollution, 5 years after Dieselgate

The legacy of Dieselgate is a modal shift to zero and low emission mobility for a post-COVID19 healthy recovery 

Healthcare cost savings will compensate for higher ambitions in transport policy

NGOs across Europe are asking for national action to cut real emissions 

Find out below how EPHA partners are speaking out on the need to tackle transport pollution on the fifth anniversary of Dieselgate


Assessment of the impact on air quality of noncompliant NOx emissions from Diesel vehicles in real driving conditions

A new study estimates for the first time the impact on health of the scandal of diesel emissions rigged in Milan, the city with the European record for deaths from road pollution.

The research results will be presented on September 18, during an online press conference between 11:00-12:00

An awareness campaign, asking cyclists (especially female cyclists) how they fell and the quality of the bike infrastructures, in a campaign to reduce road accidents. They hope to increase the modal split in favour of cyclists, at the moment very low (1,8%)

Visit their website for their recent press release

Changing Cities is focused on active and clean mobility, promoting bikes and reducing the use of cars in Germany. People from 36 cities are involved in their activities.

EMSA will encourage people to walk and/or bike instead of using passive transport. With an online tool, people can count all steps and biked distances. Then, people post on social media how many steps/biked kilometres they contributed for clean air. The posts will be combined with specific hashtags for social media. It will be an action and online campaign combined.

Fundación Española del Corazón will organise a conference on “Air quality in the post-Covid-19 era” on Wednesday, October 7th at Casa del Corazón

IMZTR in collaboration with Partnership for Environment and Health will organize a mini-festival “Kolobocija” in Ljubljana neighborhoods to promote urban mobility on 22 September with activities related to air pollution and health. 

Medical professionals across Europe are speaking out about the effects of transport pollution on their patients and the environment, and have made their own appeal for action to ensure everyone can enjoy a sustainable, clean air future

PTPZ will collaborate with the Polish Consumers’ Association (member of BEUC) with an article and an event. PTPZ is also promoting the WHO Manifesto for a healthy recovery from COVID-19.

Respire is now working on a project for transport electrification in Paris that will be announced in the coming days. Respire is also working on children’s health and air quality around schools

The Romanian Health Observatory has published a set of measures for improving air quality in Romanian cities on 17th September – nine specific actions for mayoral candidates, in collaboration with environmental and health NGOs. RHO has created a website to gather support for the measures.

SEPAR will organise a conference “For mobility without emissions”, with the Ministry for Ecological Transition on 17 September.
The annual SEPAR conference on 30th September will focus on raising awareness on health and air quality, followed by activities throughout the year to increase awareness of  environmental pollution and the importance of maintaining adequate levels of air quality, training and educational activities for health professionals and research. 

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