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Dear Member of European Parliament,

This Wednesday 26 October you will have an opportunity to vote for health by adopting the European Parliament’s own-initiative report on trans fats (2016/2637(RSP)
The report calls on the Commission to establish “as soon as possible” an EU-wide legal limit on industrially produced trans fats. Regulating trans fats is a ‘best-buy’ policy option when it comes to improving Europe’s food environments and saving costs to our health services. Cutting out trans fats could save 50.000 deaths in Europe every year.
The evidence of a causal relation between trans fats and health risk is overwhelming: for every 2% energy from trans fats consumed, the risk of heart attack or death from heart disease is increased by about 25%. Every gram of trans fatty acids reduced per day as a result of new limits will decrease the risk of heart attack or heart disease by about 5%.
Removing trans fats from products is not only possible, but has been done by many small and big food companies alike. A legally binding measure will be the most effective option to protect health as demonstrated by the European Commission and is called for in a joint letter between civil society and major food manufacturers.
The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) asks for your support for the Resolution to ensure that the Commission acts without any further delay. Action from the Commission is long overdue to save lives, reduce the burden on our health services and improve health in Europe.
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