“Artists and Scientists – New Partnerships for People’s Health”
EPHA Strategy 2021-2025

EPHA’s current Strategic Plan “Artists and Scientists – New Partnerships for People’s Health” was adopted by EPHA members at the Annual General Assembly in December 2020, and includes the strategy implementation period 2021-2025. 


The strategy brings a new, wider approach to covering diverse public health topics, now grouped into Clusters of related policy areas. It highlights EPHA’s role as a dialogue convenor and filter for the varied perspectives its members, while relying on and promoting the vast expertise of its diverse membership.


It stresses our ambition to be the leading facilitator of multisectoral discussion in the area of public health. EPHA does so by ensuring effective flow of information between policymakers (EU, international, national), civil society partners, researchers, public health specialists and other members of the public health community.


Finally, the strategy emphasizes EPHA’s strong focus on and a leading position in evidence-based public health advocacy. 

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