Health Inequalities

We stand against discrimination, for inclusion and equal opportunities for all to live, work and age in sustainable, healthy environments.


Roma health

Social factors


Revising our social and political priorities to ensure health equity across Europe

Health inequalities: a public health challenge for European policy-makers

Leaping forward: it’s time for action to improve Roma Health

What is the social impact of health inequalities?

Latest Developments & Opinion


Health equity for Romani people in the context of Europe’s recovery and resilience

28 September 2021

Finding sustainable funding to build health equity in Europe

24 June 2021

Reducing inequalities from the first years of life: the role of Early Childhood Development

4 May 2021

Combatting inequalities in healthcare: a first step towards health equity for Roma

8 April 2021

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Senior Policy Manager for Health Inequalities 

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