European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines

The Alliance strives for the creation of an R&D system that is driven by the public health needs and delivers medicines that are universally accessible and affordable.

About the European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines

The Alliance is a free to join network established in 2016 that gathers representatives of the civil society – consumer, patient and public health organisations. The Alliance is committed to secure affordable prices of medicines and ensure a safe, effective and public-health driven R&D through research, advocacy, policy development and monitoring 

Our campaigns promote transparency at the core of the pharmaceutical policy process but also for the R&D costs, prices of medicines and clinical trial data. The Alliance is determined to end pharmaceutical monopolies by enabling the generic and biosimilar competition and the implementation of effective price control mechanisms.  

EPHA hosts and is a member of the Alliance.  

The Alliance is supported by the work of its members as well as by the financial contributions from the Open Society Foundations and EPHA. 

The Alliance's main activities
  • Ensuring a balance between innovation, public health needs, accessibility and affordability through the revision of the Pharmaceutical Strategy.  
  • Securing the public interests and full transparency at HERA. 
  • Reinforcing higher standards for patentability at the European Patent Office.  
  • Promoting incentives for new antibiotics that delink the cost of investment in R&D from the prices and volume of sale while adopting an end-to-end approach. 
  • Providing recommendations to prevent and mitigate the impact of medicine shortages on patients and healthcare providers. 
  • Promoting a new biomedical R&D model by committing public funds to support a needs-driven approach to pharmaceutical R&D. 
  • Supporting the introduction of conditions to public R&D funding that ensure biomedical research results in suitable and affordable medicines.  

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Rosa Castro

Senior Policy Manager for Healthcare Delivery &​ EPHA Networks Coordinator

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