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A Healthy European Green Deal

COVID-19 hitched a ride on our globalized and highly mobile society to rapidly devastate populations. This crisis offers a global opportunity to leap forward instead of slipping back into the unsustainable and unhealthy ways of the past. A robust systemic response to the pandemic recovery can better equip us to face the climate emergency that threatens the health of people of all ages across the globe. The European Green Deal is a comprehensive road map striving to make the EU more resource-efficient and sustainable – and offers many opportunities to improve public health.

Latest Developments

Joint Letter | It’s time for action to align the CAP with the EU Green Deal

Joint Letter | It’s time for action to align the CAP with the EU Green Deal

Food, farming, development, climate, environmental, and public health movements across the EU express their strong alarm at the current failure of the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to reflect the priorities of the European Green Deal, which must become a powerful policy transformation tool to initiate the urgently needed transition towards sustainable and socially just food systems.

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A Healthy European Green Deal? Putting public health at the heart of the transition to sustainability

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