A curated selection of EPHA’s mentions in worldwide media outlets.


Stakeholders call for more transparent meetings between pharma and EMA


12 January 2018

The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) together with a number of actors across Europe such as the Belgian HTA agency (KCE), the Austrian (LBI-HTA) and the Belgian health insurance bodies (RIZIV-INAMI), have set several recommendations on how to make the provision of scientific advice more transparent.

European HTA is On Its Way—At Last


29 January 2018

Civil society reactions are neatly encapsulated in a new monograph from the European Public Health Alliance, which sees the outline proposal as “defiant, ambitious and optimistic,” and capable of promoting the sustainability of health systems and the benefit of patients

Lifestyle Award goes to Lower Austria


29 January 2018

Original Title: Lebensweise-Preis geht nach Niederösterreich

Andriukaitis: Big data has ‘enormous’ potential to optimise healthcare


29 January 2018

“That Big Data can be acquired from various sources that go beyond the healthcare domain is a big concern,” the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) said in April.

EU unveils health technology bill


01 February 2018

“The EPHA favours European collaboration in Health Technology Assessment. However, we – together with the Member States – will be watching out for any push to converge towards a lowest common denominator HTA and any compromise in the integrity of HTA bodies,” Yannis Natsis, Policy Manager for the European Public Health Association told EURACTIV.com.

EU southern alliance on drug pricing expands


01 February 2018

Yannis Natsis, Policy Manager at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), hailed the adhesion of Slovenia and Croatia in the group as a promising development.

The EU southern alliance on medicines expands


01 February 2018

“With Beneluxa, the Valletta Declaration Group etc governments are simply getting organized. It is their response to the ‘divide and rule’ strategy pharmaceutical companies have been pursuing for years and a direct result of the unreasonably high prices drug manufacturers are charging”, said Yannis Natsis, who is Policy Manager at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA).

Medicines: Europeans organize against “unreasonable” prices


02 February 2018

Original Title: Médicaments : les Européens s’organisent contre des prix “déraisonnables”

European countries stand together on drug prices


02 February 2018

Original Title: Médicaments : Les pays européens se serrent les coudes sur les prix des médicaments

Ireland Seeks to Join European Drug Price Negotiation Bloc


15 February 2018

According to a discussion paper published the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) in 2017, health ministers from the Netherlands and Belgium first saw the need for such a negotiating bloc after drug maker Gilead introduced the high-cost sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) in the European marketplace.

US pharma getting jittery about EU patent protection review

APM Health Europe

15 February 2018


Showdown Approaching on European Research Incentives


20 February 2018

Organizations such as EPHA, with a tradition of scepticism about drug industry behaviour, have lined up with those governments keen to rein in any “inappropriate market behaviour” by drug firms—such as The Netherlands, which was one of the principal influences on those 2016 conclusions.

NGOs urge EU to take action over toxic carpets


05 March 2018


“Carcinogenic substances in our carpets “

VTM News

05 March 2018

Original Title: “Kankerverwekkende stoffen in onze tapijten”


05 March 2018

Original title: Depressione, le soluzioni digitali usate dai medici

More than 59 toxic substances in carpets

Santé Magazine

06 March 2018

Original Title: “Plus de 59 substances toxiques dans les moquettes”

59 Toxic substances found in carpets


07 March 2018

Original Title: 59 substances toxiques retrouvées dans les moquettes

Attention to toxic substances in carpets


08 March 2018

Original Title: Attention aux substances toxiques dans les moquettes

Health: Carpets contain more than 59 toxic substances

Reponse CONSO

08 March 2018

Original title: Santé : les moquettes renferment plus de 59 substances toxiques

Work-life balance as a game changer for gender equality and mental health


08 March 2018

On International Women’s Day 2018, Mental Health Europe, EuroHealthNet and the European Public Health Alliance call for the recognition of the important role work-life balance can play on positive mental health and achieving gender quality, and for the European Commission to turn the proposed directive on work-life balance for parents and carers into law as soon as possible.l

Carpet, a concentrate of toxic products


08 March 2018

Original title: La moquette, un concentré de produits toxiques

Many toxic substances found in carpets


09 March 2018

Original title: De nombreuses substances toxiques retrouvées dans les moquettes

NGOs call for EU carpet product Directive


09 March 2018

A recent report – Detoxing carpets: Pathways towards safe and recyclable carpets in a truly circular economy – by the European Public Health Alliance (Epha) and the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) says that carpets sold in the EU can contain over 59 hazardous substances, which impact human health and the environment at all life stages.

Are our carpets dangerous to our health?


12 March 2018

Original title: Nos moquettes sont-elles dangereuses pour la santé ?

Poor indoor air quality is on the carpet


15 March 2018

Original title: La mauvaise qualité de l’air intérieur est sur le tapis

Brexit bill needs ‘do no harm’ amendment to protect public health

The Guardian

21 April 2018

Nina Renshaw Secretary general, European Public Health Alliance

How patient groups could help tackle ‘fake news’ on vaccination


24 April 2018

For Nina Renshaw, Secretary General at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), the focus should be on listening to concerns and on restoring confidence by presenting complete, unbiased, transparent information from neutral sources.

Call for Big Oil to Step Out of Bonn Climate Talks


02 May 2018

Pascoe Sabido, executive director, Corporate Europe Observatory said a letter signed by more than 100 Europe-based NGOs, including Friends of the Earth Europe, Greenpeace, European Public Health Alliance, and European Environmental Bureau, has been handed to the EU delegation stating a demand for the climate negotiations process to be tackled.

Recon: NICE Backs Roche’s Tecentriq for Routine Use in Pre-Treated Bladder Cancer

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society

17 May 2018

European Commission prioritizes tobacco, sacrifices global health in unhealthy trade negotiations with Latin America (European Public Health Alliance)

Novartis/Pills & tangents IN half the world, from the White House to Greece

La Voce Delle Voci

18 May 2018


The EU is no progressive free trader: It’s exporting chronic diseases to Latin America


24 May 2018

If the EU truly wants to be the global progressive trading power, it needs to make sure its trade policy does not promote ill-health, and instead makes a real contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, writes George Thurley who is a Policy Officer on Healthy Trade at European Public Health Alliance

POLITICO Brussels Influence, presented by The GSMA: Facebook hearing mess — EU election countdown — In-house agencies


25 May 2018

Nina Renshaw, EPHA secretary-general, said: “By pushing tobacco interests in negotiations with Mercosur, the European Commission is betraying its own commitments and those of EU governments to the UN Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.”

Antibiotic apocalypse: EU scraps plans to tackle drug pollution, despite fears of rising resistance

The Guardian

01 June 2018

A replacement passage in the new draft suggesting “the possibility of using procurement policy to encourage greener pharmaceutical design” was described as “completely lame” and “entirely toothless” by Nina Renshaw, secretary general of the European Public Health Alliance.

EFRA seeks clarity for ag policy after Brexit

Food Navigator

06 June 2018


‘ Unhealthy ‘ trade: nine critical areas for the health of the ‘ TTIP ‘ with Latin America

El Global

06 July 2018

Original title: Comercio ‘poco saludable’: nueve áreas críticas para la Salud de los ‘TTIP’ con Latinoamérica

Research: Oil emissions also cost human lives


02 August 2018

Original title: ΕΡΕΥΝA: Οι εκπομπές πετρελαίου κοστίζουν και σε ανθρώπινες ζωές .

Deaths, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases caused by the exhaust fumes


04 August 2018

Original title: Θανάτους, καρδιαγγειακά και παθήσεις του αναπνευστικού προκαλούν τα καυσαέρια

What you need to know:14 articles from 8 sources


10 September 2018

Children are our future: NCD prevention must begin at an early age, Why Europe urgently needs to buy into the alcohol ‘best buys’,Putting an end to the chronic disease epidemic in Europe and beyond – what are we waiting for?

Why life expectancy is lower in eastern Europe

The Economist

20 September 2018


Air pollution affects children in particular


02 October 2018

Original title : Luchtvervuiling treft in het bijzonder kinderen

“Children are up to 37 percent more exposed to air pollution than adults”


02 October 2018

Original title: “Kinderen tot 37 procent meer blootgesteld aan luchtvervuiling dan volwassenen”

Air Pollution: Children are more exposed than adults, according to a study by the EPHA


02 October 2018

Original Title: Pollution de l’air : les enfants sont davantage exposés que les adultes, selon une étude de l’EPHA

UN commitment to tackling NCDs: ‘Landmark step’ or ‘lacking ambition’?

Food Navigator

02 October 2018

In a joint statement, the European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) and the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) acknowledged the high-level meeting “marks a further step in global efforts” .

Exposure to automobile pollution is 37% higher in children than in adults

JM Madeira

02 October 2018

Original title: Exposição de crianças a poluição automóvel é superior em 37% à dos adultos

The PE is preparing to vote new standards on car pollution. European health NGOs have signed a “Call for fresh air”


02 October 2018

Original title: PE se pregătește să voteze noi standarde privind poluarea auto. ONG-uri europene din domeniul sănătății au semnat un “apel pentru aer curat”

EU lawmakers want 40% cut in new car and van CO2 emissions by 2030


03 October 2018

Zoltán Massay-Kosubek, policy manager, at EPHA, said: “Members of the European Parliament demonstrated that health is a political choice.”

Image of the day: Madrid, Castilla y León and Navarra, the areas with the most life expectancy in Europe


07 October 2018

Original title: Imagen del día: Madrid, Castilla y León y Navarra, las zonas con más esperanza de vida de Europa

New drugs: how much are governments paying for innovation?


10 October 2018

“It is becoming increasingly clear that governments in Europe and across the globe are paying too much money for little innovation,” stressed Yannis Natsis, policy manager at European Public Health Alliance (EPHA).

The health innovation system is ‘broken’ and failing patients, warns UCL report


14 October 2018

The report was produced with further support from King’s College London, Drugs for Neglected Diseases, Knowledge Ecology International, I-MAK, Medicines Law & Policy, Open Society Foundations, European Public Health Alliance, Innogen, Médecins Sans Frontières, Access Campaign and independent researcher Christine Berry.

“The People’s Prescription”: New Report Calls For Value Creation Instead Of Value Extraction In Pharmaceutical R&D

Intellectual Property Watch

15 October 2018

Contributors to the report include: John Abraham (King’s College London), Brook Baker (Northeastern University School of Law and Health GAP), Christine Berry (independent researcher), Michelle Childs (Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative), Jamie Love(Knowledge Ecology International), Rohit Malpani (I-MAK), Kaitlin Mara (Medicines Law & Policy), Azzi Momenghalibaf (Open Society Foundations), Yannis Natsis (European Public Health Alliance), Judit Rius Sanjuan, Jack Scannell (Innogen), Ellen ‘t Hoen (Medicines Law & Policy), Els Torreele (Médecins Sans Frontières, Access Campaign).

Diesel crisis deepens as western Europe sends hundreds of thousands of banned cars to Poland

19 October 2018

At the meeting T&E, EUROCITIES and the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) are expected to discuss European solutions for the legacy of the “dieselgate” scandal.

Does fast-track drugs approval in EU run too fast?


25 October 2018

Yannis Natsis, policy manager at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), an NGO, said: “fast approvals pathways should not be the new norm for all drugs approvals”.

Life expectancy varies between regions for up to four years


05 November 2018

Original title: Průměrná délka života se mezi kraji liší až o čtyři roky

Call for more diesel action as carmakers say they’re cleaner than ever


06 November 2018

The summit, organised jointly by such non-governmental organisations as the European Public Health Alliance, Eurocities (a representative group, which draws on the mayoral offices of 140 of Europe’s largest cities), and lobbying group Transport & Environment (T&E) said that too little has been done to tackle the estimated 43-million diesel-engined cars on European roads.

Madrid and Barcelona demand responsibility for the ‘ dieselgate ‘ and a European anti-pollution fund

Europa press

06 November 2018

Original title: Madrid y Barcelona exigen responsabilidades por el ‘dieselgate’ y un fondo europeo de lucha contra la contaminación

The dirty diesel disgrace: tackle air pollution now


06 November 2018

EPHA, EUROCITIES and T&E urge the European Commission and national governments to make tackling air pollution from dirty diesel vehicles a political priority for Europe

Civil society and cities propose a series of measures to meet diesel challenge

Agence Europe

07 November 2018

Transport & Environment (T&E), Eurocities and the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) adopted a joint statement setting out several key recommendations to tackle the issue of pollution generated by diesel cars and the management of cars that do not comply with European rules, at the European Diesel Summit on Tuesday 6 November in Brussels.

Germany’s solution to Dieselgate: buy German cars


07 November 2018

Resch revealed the existence of the letter at a conference in Brussels about the aftermath of the Dieselgate emissions scandal, organised by the European Public Health Alliance, Eurocities, and Transport & Environment.

Environmentalists urge Brussels to step up action against the episode

SME Svet

07 November 2018

Original Title: Ekológovia vyzývajú Brusel na ráznejšie kroky proti dieselom

The carpets? “contain toxic substances “

il Giornale.it

07 November 2018

Original title: I tappeti? “Contengono sostanze tossiche”

Gas costs Europe billions of euros per year


27 November 2018

Original title: Spaliny kosztują Europę miliardy euro rocznie

Health and car pollution: an annual cost of EUR 60 billion for the EU

Journal de l’environnement

27 November 2018

Original title: Santé et pollution automobile: un coût annuel de 60 milliards d’euros pour l’UE

Health: The cost of car pollution estimated at EUR 67 billion in Europe


27 November 2018

Original title: Santé : le coût de la pollution automobile estimé à 67 milliards d’euros en Europe

Health effects of diesel ‘cost European taxpayers billions’

The Guardian

27 November 2018

Some of the very latest diesel models do comply with official limits in real-world driving, but Zoltán Massay-Kosubek, policy manager at the EPHA, said: “I would not consider diesel as part of the solution but as part of the problem. You can improve the filters but it still remains a fuel-burning technology.”

Expensive bill for diesel exhaust fumes. EPHA: Treatment of patients in Poland cost up to 4.6 billion euros in 2016


27 November 2018

Original title: Kosztowny rachunek za spaliny z silników Diesla. EPHA: Leczenie chorych w Polsce kosztowało w 2016 r. nawet 4,6 mld euro

Car pollution costs more than 60 billion health care costs per year in Europe

Le Monde

27 November 2018

Original Title: La pollution automobile coûte plus de 60 milliards de frais de santé par an en Europe

The costs for air pollution would fall by 50% in 2030 in Spain without the old diesel


27 November 2018

Original title: Los costes por la contaminación del aire bajarían un 50% en 2030 en España sin los viejos diésel

Health, air pollution costs dearly


27 November 2018

Original title: Salute, l’inquinamento atmosferico costa caro

Polluted air costs EU taxpayers billion every year


27 November 2018

Original title: Förorenad luft kostar EU:s skattebetalare miljarder varje år

Diesel and public health: air pollution costs European taxpayers billions

Abc nyheter

27 November 2018

Original title: Diesel og folkehelse:Luftforurensningen koster europeiske skattebetalere milliarder

Research: The cost of diesel emissions in Europe is more than EUR 55 billion per year


27 November 2018

Original Title: Tutkimus: Diesel­päästöistä aiheutuu Euroopassa kustannuksia yli 55 miljardia euroa vuodessa

Air pollution costs Europe 62 billion annually


27 November 2018

Original title: Luchtvervuiling kost Europa jaarlijks 62 miljard 

It costs Europe billions of euros of medical expenses each year due to pollution from automobile emissions


28 November 2018

Original title: Châu Âu tốn hàng chục tỷ euro chi phí y tế mỗi năm do ô nhiễm từ khí thải ô tô

Vehicle-related pollution, research by EPHA: the cost in care amounts to 70 billion euros a year in the EU


29 November 2018

Original title: Inquinamento legato ai veicoli, ricerca dell’EPHA: il costo in cure ammonta nell’Ue a 70 miliardi di euro l’anno

EU talks on car CO2 curbs risk stalling


29 November 2018

Research by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) found that taxpayers foot most of the costs, through government-funded health services. But these costs could be reduced by 80% by 2030 if ambitious action were taken, the report concluded.

Last Traces of Destruction: The Right Leaders, Sea Cows and Black Truffles


30 November 2018

Original Title: Yıkımın Son İzleri: Sağcı Liderler, Deniz İnekleri ve Siyah Trüf Mantarları

Pleased with the achievement: forced Neste’s advertising to be hacked


30 November 2018

Original title: Džiaugiasi pasiekimu: privertė nukabinti „Neste“ reklamą

Crushing report on diesel: Creates chronic illness and premature death


03 December 2018

Original title: Knusende rapport om diesel: Skaper kronisk sykdom og for tidlige dødsfall

How the government honours Poles

WP opinie

03 December 2018

Original title: Jak rząd truje Polaków

Pollution: The ‘ new tobacco ‘ that is damaging your heart


05 December 2018

Original title: La contaminación: el ‘nuevo tabaco’ que está dañando tu corazón

Diesel, Dear and silent killer: economic damage for 60 billion a year


06 December 2018

Original title: Diesel, killer caro e silenzioso: danni economici per 60 miliardi l’anno


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