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Antimicrobial Resistance – the time to act is now

Open access government

08 January 2019

During the European Parliament discussion Joining the Dots -Tackling Pharmaceuticals in the environment and AMR in Europe, EPHA Secretary General Nina Renshaw went as far to say that AMR has the potential to be a bigger killer than cancer, as last resort antibiotics become ineffective.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: HTA, SPCs, medtech — Return on oncology R&D — New EPHA boss


08 January 2019

PUBLIC HEALTH — FIONA GODFREY TAKES EPHA HELM: Monday was the first day for the European Public Health Alliance’s new secretary-general, Fiona Godfrey.

€70 Billion A Year In EU Health Damage Caused By Vehicle Emissions, Finds Report

Clean Technica

12 January 2019

Recent air pollution research found that €70 billion in health damage is caused by traffic emissions every year in the European Union — about 75% of the harm is caused by diesel emissions. The report, titled “Health Impacts and Health Costs of Diesel Emissions in the EU,” was commissioned by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA).

The highlights of 2018 in pharmaceutical policy in Spain and the EU


13 January 2019

Original title: Lo más destacado de 2018 en política farmacéutica en España y la UE

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: Power players in Davos and Geneva — Clinical trials cliff — Beneluxa brawl


21 January 2019

The rebuttal: Yannis Natsis, the medicines access lobbyist for the European Public Health Alliance, took issue with both the tone and substance of Moll’s message. 

Is This When the Drug Industry Starts a Fight-Back?


22 January 2019

One of Europe’s most voluble civil society figures in the healthcare debate, Yannis Natsis of the European Public Health Alliance, was quick into the fray. “Pharma is worried its divide and conquer policies are defied by EU governments who have finally woken up to realize they have leverage, and are at last getting their act together

80,000 Million the health cost of traffic emissions in the EU


23 January 2019

Original title: 80.000 Millones el coste sanitario de las emisiones del tráfico rodado en la UE

Do Romanian Roma benefit from the EU Presidency?

Deutschland Funk

02 February 2019

Original title: Profitieren rumänische Roma vom EU-Vorsitz?

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care, presented by European Health Parliament: Ombudsman and EMA — Andriukaitis smoking appeal — HTA education


05 February 2019

You can’t rule out the likelihood that the next Commission will go back to the drawing board on health technology assessment, writes Natsis, EPHA’s counter-Pharma lobbyist, in his annual state-of-play.

Dismantling the ‘silence’ of professionals and patients in the field of oncology

El Global

15 February 2019

Original title: Desmontando el ‘silencio’ de los profesionales y los pacientes en el campo de la oncología

The EPHA sets its priorities in Pharmacy

El Global

15 February 2019

Original title: La EPHA marca sus prioridades en Farmacia

EU citizens need health and well-being as a policy priority, stakeholders say


13 March 2019

A significant gap also exists between life expectancy and ‘healthy’ life expectancy in the EU, according to Nikolai Pushkarev, a policy coordinator at another AP4HE platform’s member, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA).

The implementation, the great challenge of the National Plan against Resistance to Antibiotics

El Global

15 March 2019

Original title: La implementación, el gran reto del Plan Nacional frente a la Resistencia a los Antibióticos

A Europe that champions well-being: Reframing EU priorities for the next five years


20 March 2019

Among the SPEAKERS:..Freek Spinnewijn, President, European Public Health Alliance

Carlo Petrini: “In a world where hunger and obesity exist at the same time, something went wrong”


22 March 2019

Original title: Карло Петрини: «В мире, где одновременно существуют голод и ожирение, что-то пошло не так»

Lawmakers, stakeholders see delivering economics of well-being as next health challenge


26 March 2019

The president of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), Freek Spinnewijn, gave a clear example of the impact of cross-sectoral cooperation on an issue such as housing.

Only a nutrition-sensitive CAP can deliver on climate and health


27 March 2019

Article written by Nikolai Pushkarev 

POLITICO Pro Morning Agri and Food: Poland’s slaughterhouse shutdowns — Fertilizer vote — Cannabis craze


27 March 2019

EPHA argues that promoting consumption of produce has the dual function of helping the environment and meeting health policy goals. “The practice of creating markets for agricultural products is already part-and-parcel of the CAP,” it said, adding that pushing vegetables is “not a plot against farmers.”

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: Health ministers’ agenda — Fair drug price talks — Pharma runoff plan


11 April 2019

PROTESTS AGAINST PHARMA RUNOFF PLAN: The European Public Health Alliance and other NGOs sent a letter to the European Commission on Wednesday slamming its strategy to cut pharmaceuticals in the environment.

5 election fears of the Brussels health bubble


22 April 2019

“These [populist] parties are traditionally not friends of public health,” she said, “and they’re not supportive of the population interventions needed to tackle the problems we have in public health at the EU level.”

Does environmental pollution cost EU countries € 62 billion annually?


28 April 2019

Original title: Poluição ambiental custa 62 mil milhões de euros anuais aos países da UE?

POLITICO Pro Week Ahead Health Care


02 May 2019

What can the EU do to support member countries’ efforts to tackle AMR? Organized by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee.

Public health: social or political responsibility?


08 May 2019

Original title: Népegészségügy: társadalmi vagy politikai felelősség?

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care, presented by Lilly: Italy’s EU opponents — Macron’s (light) health agenda — Greens back vax


09 May 2019

Health got a mention in another letter to the heads of the EU and its members countries by a group of more than 50 civil society organizations like Global Health Advocates and the European Public Health Alliance, urging them to “nominate European commissioners who will support and serve present and future generations, and prioritize environment, quality of life and decent work.”

How important is health in elections to the European Parliament? Very little, if we were to base ourselves on the electoral programmes


15 May 2019

Original title: Quanto conta la salute nelle elezioni del Parlamento europeo? Molto poco, se ci dovessimo basare sui programmi elettorali

EU Confidential Goes Green episode 100, presented by Bayer: Europe’s deadly air pollution


16 May 2019

Podcast interview with Zoltan Massay-Kosubek

Health groups ask Commission to probe drug shortages


17 May 2019

The letter is signed by groups including the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and consumer group Test Achats.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: EURORDIS holistic plan — Brexit regulatory consensus — Twitter against fake vaxx news


17 May 2019

Our colleague Ryan Heath talks to Zoltán Massay-Kosubek of the European Public Health Alliance for this week’s edition of our EU Confidential podcast. Massay-Kosubek said the next European Commission needs a dedicated health commissioner alongside a vice-president for sustainable well-being, whose portfolio would include health, climate and consumer protection. “The future of health and clean air in Europe go hand in hand,” he said.

POLITICO EU Confidential Goes Green, presented by Bayer: Numbers game — Rolling back rights — Stay safe


18 May 2019

Listen to this week’s EU Confidential podcast, with Zoltán Massay-Kosubek of the European Public Health Alliance, on the deadly dangers of air pollution: on Spotify | Apple | Google | SoundCloud | Stitcher. The EU Confidential podcast is also now available on Google Podcasts.

POLITICO Pro Sustainability Insights, presented by amfori – trade with purpose: Election week — Waste-to-energy lobby — Anti-Bayer protests hit France


20 May 2019

How do we improve air quality in Europe? In this new episode of EU Confidential goes green, host Ryan Heath discusses this challenging issue with Zoltán Mashay-Kosubek, European Public Health Alliance’s manager of “health policy coherence.

Traffic in Spain represents 3,600 million euros per year in health

Redacción Médica

21 May 2019

Original title: El tráfico supone en España 3.600 millones de euros anuales en salud

HOW LONG DO YOU LIVE? Here’s how we stand relative to our neighbors and the rest of the EU


22 May 2019

Original title: KOLIKO DUGO ŽIVE HRVATI? Evo kako stojimo u odnosu na susjede i ostatak EU-a

An invisible killer decimates the population of Europe

Szabad Föld

23 May 2019

Original title: Láthatatlan gyilkos tizedeli Európa lakosságát

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: GDPR turns 1 — From Geneva to Brussels — European election begins


23 May 2019

“The signs are promising that Italy might be the one taking over the baton from The Netherlands,” said Yannis Natsis, the European Public Health Alliance’s medicines access lobbyist.

Spain spends more than 3.6 billion euros a year on treating diseases caused by traffic pollution


26 May 2019

Original title: España gasta más de 3.600 millones de euros al año en tratar enfermedades provocadas por la contaminación del tráfico

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: Measles warning, cont. — Cross-border health audit — Down to the wire at WHA


28 May 2019

“Action on health is indispensable to rebuild trust on the European project,” said Freek Spinnewijn, president of the European Public Health Alliance, in a message to the newly elected published Monday.

POLITICO Pro Week Ahead Health Care


29 May 2019

European Public Health Alliance hosts medicines law and policy experts to launch a set of recommendations to improve the effectiveness of data exclusivity, the supplementary protection certificate and the orphan drug regulation in Europe.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care, presented by MedTech Europe: Opening pharma regs — Players choking on cigs — ‘Grave concern’ over alcohol plans


03 June 2019

The event is only the beginning, as EPHA’s recommendations come before a European Commission event on June 17 to listen to the views from EU countries, the pharma industry and patients’ groups on the orphan and pediatric drugs laws which are under a joint evaluation at the moment (refresher).

Commission: Pharma IP incentives report coming by year-end


03 June 2019

Solomon was speaking at an event organized by the European Public Health Alliance in Brussels, at which representatives from NGO Medicines Law & Policy presented their recommendations on how the EU should overhaul incentives to ensure medicines are affordable for patients.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care, presented by MedTech Europe: Pharma meets Trump — Cross-border health audit — PiS crackdown … on doctors?


04 June 2019

European Public Health Alliance boss Fiona Godfrey, standing for Volt in Luxembourg, and Secretary-General of the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention Cornel-Radu Loghin, standing for Prodemo in Romania, also saw their parties return empty handed.

Pharma incentives reform is for the next Commission, EU official says


05 June 2019

Moving from protection-based to more competition-based means that incentives should be a reward mechanism for drug developers. Today, incentives have become monopoly enforcement & competition deterrence mechanisms instead,” added Yannis Natsis, policy manager at EPHA

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care, presented by MedTech Europe: System shake ups — Spirits spat — Euthanasia that wasn’t


06 June 2019

In a statement, groups including the European Public Health Alliance and the European Alcohol Policy Alliance said they were “greatly disappointed” with the industry […]

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care, presented by Incisive Health: Compulsory licensing — Liver disease — Activist at EMA


12 June 2019

Two new patient reps have been added to the European Medicines Agency’s management board. Marco Greco, president of the European Patients’ Forum and Ioannis Natsis (known as Yannis) of the European Public Health Alliance, were recognized in their new roles in the Official Journal on Tuesday.

Push for an EU strategic framework to prevent non-communicable diseases

EFA website

20 June 2019

The European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA), the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the Non-communicable Disease Alliance (NCD) have developed the paper “Towards an EU-Strategic Framework for the prevention of Non-communicable Diseases”.

BEUC, EPHA and others leave EU Diet Platform claiming structure ‘not fit for purpose’

Food Navigator

03 July 2019

However, in a statement published today (3 July), representatives from seven organisations said they were dissatisfied with the platform’s approach to combating obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: New ENVI committee — Obesity vs. smoking — Homeopathy ‘balance’


03 July 2019

But the consumer group BEUC, the European Heart Network, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), the World Obesity foundation, COFACE Families, the doctors’ lobby group CPME and the International Baby Food Action Network said taking part in the platform meetings was not worth their time as the Commission has decreased the resources, time and attention it gives to the platform.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: Vote on von der Leyen — EMA mystery — Getting ready for Gastein


15 July 2019

“Health is weaponized by the far right! We have to be bold, we have to be ambitious and we have to use every single instrument available. Let’s change the narrative!,” said European Public Health Alliance chief Fiona Godfrey at a conference on Friday.

POLITICO Pro Morning Agri and Food: Agri Council — Glyphosate fate — EU dietary platform


15 July 2019

SAFE’s complaint comes shortly after a group of other health NGOs decided to ditch the platform all together earlier this month. The groups, including the European Consumer Organisation, the European Heart Network and the European Public Health Alliance, said they could no longer consider “that the continued participation of our civil society organizations in the platform is a productive use of our resources.”

Who’s calling the shots in European healthcare?

PM live

31 July 2019

EPHA names improving health and strengthening the voice of public health in Europe as its mission, and sees holding government and big business to account as central to this.

Bad eating generates huge costs to society, experts warn


31 July 2019

However, efforts in this field did not look sufficient to some NGOs such as the EU consumer organisation (BEUC) and the Public Health Alliance (EPHA), which have dropped out the Commission’s anti-obesity forum, as it was considered not adequate to address increasing health challenges.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: BoJo’s health adviser — Brexit impact — AI skepticism


02 August 2019

EPHA’s access campaigner Yannis Natsis comes out swinging against Big Pharma and the EMA in an interview with PMLive.

Patients feel left behind by EU cancer moonshot


04 August 2019

“There is scarcely an adult alive who has either not been a patient or been a close family member or friend or carer of a cancer patient. I am certainly in this category,” said Godfrey, EPHA’s secretary general and cancer mission board member. EPHA counts “a range” of patient and cancer groups among its members, and Godfrey said she’d be “reaching out to all of them over the next few months to ask for their feedback and input.”

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: DG Research under fire — UHC declaration’s stumbling blocks — Romanian ex-minister eyes new job


05 August 2019

Patient perspective: What difference does it make, really? After all, the cancer mission board does include people from cross-cutting health NGOs, like the European Public Health Alliance’s Fiona Godfrey, who told POLITICO she’s committed to making sure patients’ views (along with those of health professionals and civil society) are heard.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: Gavi, Global Fund ask for $$ — Opioids increase in Netherlands — Hormone treatment linked with breast cancer


30 August 2019

The New Statesman profiles EPHA boss Fiona Godfrey — as the founder of British Immigrants Living in Luxembourg working on health care reciprocity.

Better access to health innovation is Kyriakides’ top priority (and hardest task)


11 September 2019

The understanding of patient-advocacy was hailed in a joint statement by the grouping of health NGOs European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the patients’ umbrella organisation, European Patients Forum (EPF).

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: A more powerful SANTE — Looking at EU’s role in global health — Orkambi’s not so good German review


11 September 2019

The European Patients Forum and the European Public Health Alliance welcomed Kyriakides’s appointment and encouraged more ambition on health. 

Juncker’s vaccination legacy needs a booster shot


13 September 2019

Those results were “really disappointing,” said Fiona Godfrey, secretary-general of the European Public Health Alliance. “With the lack of support from member states, there’s not a lot more [the Commission] can do.”

Gilead wins patent amendment for Hep C drug


13 September 2019

That decision favors Gilead’s request to have the patent amended rather that invalidated. Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Médecins du Monde and the European Public Health Alliance were among the groups seeking to have the patent revoked to speed up the availability of generic versions.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: Decision week for WHO’s European Region — CEPI reacts to MSF criticism — Ireland’s updated alcohol law


16 September 2019

If “the health professional organizations are being asked to take on the burden and really solve this issue of vaccine hesitancy without funding and very little support from the member states and form the Commission, we will fail,” said Fiona Godfrey, secretary-general of the European Public Health Alliance.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: Concerns about EMA’s cancer drug evaluation — Germany’s sticking with homeopathy — Belgians to the rescue


19 September 2019

Incidentally, the debate over e-cigs is missing from a broad overview of the Brussels health agenda — written at the request of ENVI by (primarily) the European Public Health Alliance — although it does mention the 2021 Commission report that will include a look at vapes. 

Medicines shortages, an EU public health issue


20 September 2019

Original title:  Pénuries de médicaments, un problème européen de santé publique

Brussels farmalobby sharpen knives in battle against […]


24 September 2019

Original title:  Brusselse farmalobby slijpt messen in strijd tegen lagere […]

Big Pharma reaches for patients

Der Standart

24 September 2019

Original title: Big Pharma greift nach Patienten

POLITICO Pro Sustainability Snapshot


24 September 2019

MEPs in the ENVI committee on Thursday get a state-of-affairs briefing on climate, environment and public health policy from German consultancy Öko-Institut and NGO European Public Health Alliance, according to a draft agenda published today.

Pollution control body may tweak waste treatment rules for pharma companies


5 October 2019

More recently in 2016, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) published a sombre report derived from on-the-ground investigation in India, revealing extremely high levels of antibiotic resistant microbial in water bodies near various pharmaceutical manufacturing sites.

Commission considering study on solutions to drug shortages


14 November 2019

The Commission will also launch another study on pharmaceutical sales that will analyze parallel trade and market withdrawal, she said, speaking at a European Public Health Alliance event in Brussels.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care, presented by EIT Health: EMA gets keys to permanent home — Parallel traders defend themselves on shortages — UK wait times could be campaign fodder


15 November 2019

This debate was also on full display at a European Public Health Alliance debate on Thursday. [Speaking of drug shortages]

European health group releases ‘roadmap’ to address antibiotic resistance


20 November 2019

The European Public Health Alliance’s Stakeholder Network on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) has released a roadmap outlining the path European leaders should take in their efforts to fight drug-resistant infections.

Industry Pricing Tactics Are Driving Europe’s Cross-Country Backlash

The Pink Sheet

21 November 2019

A recent event in Brussels organized by the European Public Health Alliance found that cross-country initiatives on pricing and calls for more R&D and clinical trial transparency are gathering momentum in Europe, but there is still some way to go to address the imbalances in the system.

A dozen MEPs launch AMR interest group


22 November 2019

Hailing from four political groups in the Parliament, the MEPs commit to ensuring that AMR remains high on the EU policy agenda during the next five years and that EU institutions and countries take action on the issue, according to the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), one of the organizations ensuring the group’s secretariat.

How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health


13 December 2019

“[McKinsey’s] advice is completely wrong and anachronistic, even in 2015,” said Zoltán Massay-Kosubek, policy manager at the European Public Health Alliance, a public health advocacy NGO based in Brussels. “The air wasn’t cleaner five years ago.”

What to expect in EU health in the year ahead


18 December 2019

Yannis Natsis is policy manager for universal access and affordable medicines at the European Public Health Alliance.

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care: BoJo works on getting Brexit done — Early influenza season — Increasing drug shortages in Germany


20 December 2019

The arguments in the joint statement — spearheaded by the European Public Health Alliance — aren’t new, but there are some notable signatories beyond the access campaigner set, including German health technology assessment body IQWiG and the Standing Committee of European Doctors.


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