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Tackling Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and Antimicrobial Resistance in Europe

30 January 2018 • 14.30 – 16.30

European Parliament • Brussels

Hosted by Annie Schreijer-Pierik, MEP (EPP, NL) and Nicola Caputo, MEP (S&D, IT)

Event organised by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), Changing Markets Foundation and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

The evolving policy debates about Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) are closely interconnected and should not take place in separate silos. This event aims to “join the dots” between the two by discussing environmental pollution caused by pharmaceutical consumption in Europe (where water bodies and entire ecosystems are under strain) and by the production process of antibiotics in third countries.

The upcoming EU strategy on Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and the implementation of the new EU One Health Action Plan against AMR will provide the backdrop for a lively discussion featuring policymakers, international experts, civil society and industry representatives to highlight the different facets of – and available solutions to – tackling both issues.



Welcome and introduction


Context and existing evidence

Setting the scene: Pharmaceuticals in the environment, antibiotics production / consumption practices and the rise of AMR

The global rise in multi-resistant bacteria and implications for patients

Pharmaceuticals in the water cycle


Policy and practical solutions: how can Europe tackle the problem?

European Commission response to the problem

Pharmaceutical residues and water – experiences with the Dutch approach

How European consumption of antibiotics is creating a global problem

Public procurement as a tool to reduce PiE and AMR

Pharmaceutical pollution, a concern for responsible investors

An industry perspective on pharmaceuticals in the environment & AMR


Closing remarks


Annie Schreijer-Pierik, MEP

EPP, Netherlands

Nicola Caputo, MEP

S&D, Italy

Nina Renshaw

Secretary General, European Public Health Alliance

Dr Christoph Lübbert

University of Leipzig (Germany)

Prof Dr Jan Peter van der Hoek

EurEau and TU Delft (Netherlands)

Hans Stielstra

Deputy Head of Clean Water Unit, DG Environment, European Commission

Dr Caroline Moermond

RIVM (Netherlands)

Marc de Rooy

Ministry for Infrastructure and Water (Netherlands)

Lena Modigh Göransson

Västra Götalandsregionen (Sweden)

Magdalena Kettis

Head of Thematic Research, Nordea (Sweden)

Lucas Wiarda

Head of Sustainable Antibiotics Programme, DSM-Sinochem


  • Discover the impact of antibiotics production on the environment
  • Explore the effects of pharmaceuticals in the water cycle on health and the environment
  • Gain insights into the Commission’s plans and response
  • Understand the industry perspective on pharmaceuticals in the environment and AMR
  • Get updated on local level approaches and learn more about the Dutch experiences


  • Discuss the role of consumption practices in the rise of AMR
  • Reflect on how European cooperation can be part of the solution
  • Debate with politicians, policy makers, key agencies, industry, civil society organisations and academics
  • Take back to your job tested and fresh approaches, and practical solutions
  • Network with thought-leaders and experts from both the environmental and health fields



European Parliament, Brussels

Room A5E-2


Sascha Marschang

Policy Manager


Giulia Vettore

Communications Coordinator


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