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Our Team

Dr Milka Sokolović

Director General

Agata Petcov

Finance and Administration Manager

Dr Joanna Kaniewska

Senior HR, Talent & Capacity Development Manager​ ​

Dr Aleksandar Sokolović

Senior Development Consultant​ Membership, Funding & Governance​

Nikolai Pushkarev

Senior Policy Manager​ for Healthy Environments & EPHA Policy Coordinator

Dr Rosa Castro

Senior Policy Manager for Healthcare Delivery &​ EPHA Networks Coordinator

Raymond Gemen

Senior Policy Manager​ for Health Inequalities​ & EPHA Communications Coordinator


Marcin Rodzinka-Verhelle

Policy Manager for Healthcare Delivery

Matteo Barisione

Junior Policy Manager​ for Global Public Health

Cristina Pricop

Junior Policy Manager​ for Global Public Health

Tifenn Piolot-Doco

Junior Policy Manager for​ Healthy Environments​

Filip Karan

Junior Policy Manager​ for Digital Health ​

Nicoleta Diaconu

Junior Communications & Media ​Manager

Olga Polyaeva

Junior Communications & Social Media​ Manager

Kirsty Douglas

Policy Intern​ for Global Public Health

Tomas De Jong

Policy Intern​ for the Roma Health Project

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