Madda’s drive for EPHA comes from being a change agent with a strong commitment to public interest advocacy for NCDs prevention and to improving well-being through a robust policy engagement process.

As Policy Manager for NCDs Prevention and Healthy Environment, Madda contributes to the strategic development of the NCD policy area in the EU, bringing advocacy to a level of impact. From policy analysis and writing policy position papers to mindful monitoring and engagement in relevant policy development trends within the EU.

Gained experience in public health and development, Madda worked for International NGOs and the World Health Organization on three continents, including fragile states; Afghanistan and Sierra Leone as well as Small Island Developing States in the South Pacific.

Madda contributes to EPHA’s continued success and future through this function; an exceptional opportunity at an exciting moment for this phase.

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Madda Henry Magbity

Policy Manager for NCDs Prevention and Healthy Environments

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