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Past Events


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Past Flagship Conferences

EPHA 2017 Annual Conference

7 September 2017

Make health your business: people, power, money, policies.

EPHA 2016 Annual Conference

8 September 2016

Resistance! Antibiotics, politics and public health

EPHA 2015 Annual Conference

2-3 September 2015

Towards a European Union for Health

Past Universal Access and Affordable Medicines Forum

EPHA 2019 Universal Access and Affordable Medicines Forum

14 November 2019

Time for a New Deal: Challenging the status quo on medicines policy

EPHA 2018 Universal Access and Affordable Medicines Forum

20 November 2018

Trailblazers: routes to better and affordable medicines by 2025

EPHA 2017 Universal Access & Affordable Medicines Forum

21 November 2017

Game changers for better and affordable medicines for Europe

EPHA 2016 Universal Access and Affordable Medicines Forum

29 November 2016

Healthy innovation for all

2019 Events

Brexit and its implications for health in the UK & Europe WEBINAR

17 December 2019

Workshop | Health equity and social justice

17 September 2019

Every child deserves to thrive

14 May 2019

Civil Society and Patient Organisations for public health – Our past, present and future actions?

7 May 2019

Towards a digital space free from unhealthy product marketing

9 December 2019

Putting health first

3 June 2019

Invest and protect

7 May 2019

2018 Events

Paying to breathe

27 November 2018

How good are our medicines?

3 October 2018

Lethal but legal

23 April 2018

Joining the dots

30 January 2018

The European Diesel Summit

6 November 2018

Leveraging Healthy and Sustainable Diets Through Agricultural Policy Reform

12 June 2018

Roma contribution to a healthy Europe

12 April 2018

2017 Events

FRESHER final conference

7 December 2017

How healthy will your future be?

7 september 2017

Civil Society Trade Lab

26th June 2017

Brexit, trade and health

22 March 2017

Medicines: new game, new rules

5 October 2017

Antigypsyism – combating negative attitudes about Roma in Romania

6 September 2017

MEP Friends of the Liver

22 March 2017

2016 Events

AVMSD: what about our kids?

1 December 2016

Communicating the challenge of antimicrobial resistance

7 september 2016

Self-regulation: a false promise for public health?

18 October 2016

Towards a Sustainable Food Policy

11 March 2016

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