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Raymond Gemen

Senior Policy Manager​ for Health Inequalities​ &
EPHA Communications Coordinator


Raymond combines the roles of Senior Policy Manager for Health Inequalities and EPHA’s Communications Coordinator.

The work on health inequalities revolves around the development and implementation of EPHA’s Health Inequalities advocacy strategy. By working together with EPHA members and key stakeholders, the goal is to bring about (policy) change for the people who are left behind. Simultaneously, the Communications Coordination strengthens both the advocacy work across the policy clusters and the impact of EPHA as change agent and convenor of stakeholders.

Raymond holds a BSc degree in Biology and an MSc degree in Nutrition & Health, and has previous experience in science communication at EUFIC and science-based policy support at the EC Joint Research Centre.

He enjoys spending his free time outside, preferably active and with the family; running, cycling, walking (often thinking how to do more on tackling climate change), playing football, and gardening.

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