Self-regulation: a false promise for public health? Event

Hosted by Anna Hedh, MEP

Organised by the European Public Health Alliance

Self-regulation and voluntary commitment schemes are often encouraged as tools to address health-related societal challenges, including in the domain of alcohol and food policy. This event contributes to the debate about the merits of this approach.

What is the evidence on the effectiveness of self-regulation in the area of health policy? What are the practical implications for two ongoing policy files: the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) and Acrylamide?

18 October 2016, European Parliament


Briefing I Self-regulation: a false promise for public health?

Self-regulation is a commonly promoted governance tool in public health policy-making, including in the domain of alcohol and food. This paper addresses the evidence on the effectiveness of self-regulation for attaining health objectives, its potential wider effects on public governance and the future role of self-regulation in health policy.



Dr. Cécile KNAI

Associate Professor of Public Health Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Lead author of a comprehensive academic evaluation of the UK Public Health Responsibility Deal, one of Europe best-known initiatives aimed at reducing alcohol and unhealthy diet-related harm through voluntary commitments.

Are voluntary approaches delivering for public health?


 Senior Researcher, Cancer Research UK

Co-author of ‘Ad Brake’ a recent report researching schoolchildren’s perceptions of tv -based advertising, associated behavioural effects and policy options for dealing with the challenges.

Case study 1: Audiovisual marketing to youth

Camille PERRIN

Senior Food Policy Officer, The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)


Secretary General, SAFE Safe Food Advocacy Europe

Case study 2: Acrylamide in food

An evaluation of voluntary efforts to reduce acrylamide levels in food and why regulatory limits are needed to effectively protect consumers.

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