Crisis in Ukraine

War is the ultimate enemy of people’s health, where in addition to the obvious – the loss of lives, injuries and destruction – the entire public health is at stake. Today, Ukraine deals with securing the safe water and food supplies, while facing an outbreak of infectious diseases in overcrowded refugee shelters amidst fighting the COVID pandemic and polio outbreak, all the while trying to absorb an (internal) displacement of millions of people. With every passing day, civilian suffering is increasing, ever more lives are claimed, and people’s futures are getting scarred.


EPHA is deeply saddened by the unfolding crisis and stands in full solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the wider region affected by the conflict.

EPHA Statement on Ukraine

Analysis & Opinion

Slovak Ministry of Health

Documents in Ukrainian about healthcare.

Slovak Mental Health League

Psychological support to the refugees.

Ukraine: EPHA Members Resources

Click on each organisation’s name to discover links to their resources and statement on the Ukrainian crisis.

European Academy of Paedriatics
European Cancer Organisation
European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
European Hematology Association
European Medical Students’ Association
European Cancer Leagues
Health Action International

Europe (HAI) organised a fundraising: HAI staff have made donations and collected essential items for those caught up in the war in Ukraine, particularly women and children. Support programmes are underway globally; look online to find out more about how you can help where you are:

European Specialist Nurses’ Organisation
European Network of Medical Residents in Public Health
European Oncology Nursing Society
International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations
The Association of School of Public Health in the European Region
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