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Trade for health

Trade for Health, not health for trade! EPHA’s campaign on EU international trade policy aims to protect and promote public health, to ensure policy coherence between trade and public health and to guarantee policy and regulatory space for governments and the EU.





Latest Developments

Analysis & Opinion

COVID-19, trade and investment and public health

COVID19 has highlighted the links between trade, investment and public health. Health policy advocates have an important role in reminding trade and investment policymakers of the links between trade policy and the indirect determinants of health

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EU model chapter shows how to ensure trade-public health coherence

Protecting public health in EU and post-Brexit trade agreements

Unhealthy Trades: the side-effects of the European Union’s Latin American trade agreements

Past Events

Brexit, trade and health

22 March 2017

What are the potential implications of Brexit on trade and investment from the perspective of health?

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Meet our Trade for Health Policy Lead and Scientific Advisors.

Zoltán Massay-Kosubek

Policy Manager for Health Policy Coherence
+32 2 233 3872

Dr Gabriel Siles-Brügge

EPHA Scientific Advisor on Trade Policy
Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick

Dr Nicolette Butler

EPHA Scientific Advisor on Trade Policy
Lecturer in Law, University of Manchester