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Interships and opportunities to join the EPHA team and make a difference.

Our Internship Programme

We welcome students from different backgrounds, with a keen interest in public health, and understanding of the EU policy and decision-making processes.

Throughout your internship at EPHA, whether you will be part of the Communications or the Policy teams, learning will be at the center of your experience. From attending game-changing meetings at European level, getting up-to-date with key policy issues, taking part in the communications management process, learning to use PR and communication tools, organising meetings and events with internal and external stakeholders to enhancing your reporting and briefing skills, you will leave EPHA with a new set of actionable skills to take back to your studies, or to use as defining assets on your first position.

All EPHA internships are designed to provide you with the in-depth learning experience in the area of your choosing, all the while touching other issues and acquiring competences out of your comfort zone.

Please note that internship at EPHA needs to be a part of the university training.

Communications Internships

Policy Internships

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