by | September 12, 2019 | Position & Policy Papers

5 recommendations on vaccination from EPHA

EPHA’s latest work on vaccination touches key themes including vaccine hesitancy, the role of vaccines in the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR), shortages and vulnerable groups.

Here are EPHA’s 5 recommendations on vaccination:


1. EPHA supports a life course approach to vaccination, where the importance of vaccines and their inclusion in all phases of life is highlighted and promoted.

2. Vaccine hesitancy is a serious threat to public health, and it is essential to combat all types of misinformation regarding vaccination. EPHA strongly recommends identifying stakeholders, such as civil society groups, to work together with public health providers to challenge all forms of vaccine hesitancy. The complementary medicine community should also be included and supported in this effort.

3. The particular risk of vulnerable groups from low vaccination rates must be recognised. This includes for example babies and young children, pregnant women, older persons, persons with immune deficiencies, members of Roma communities and other minorities. Also, equitable access to childhood immunisation for vulnerable group needs to be a priority.

4. All healthcare systems should be supported to ensure they are able to run a well-functioning and effective vaccination programme.

5. Issues of vaccine shortages and stockouts must be addressed.

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