Health Systems and Economy

Health is of crucial importance to the well-being of the economy. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has predicted that, if no additional measures are taken, the total cost of health care across OECD countries will almost double by 2050, reaching, on average, approximately 13% of gross domestic product (GDP). Yet, while it is widely agreed that health investments must go beyond healthcare, only around 2-4% of total health sector spending within OECD countries is currently allocated to disease prevention and health promotion.

This stream of work aims at putting public health and health systems at centre stage, reemphasizing the value of health for the economy and the high returns on health investments for society. EPHA’s work enables an inclusive discussion about rebuilding better, more effective, resilient, and sustainable health systems after the COVID-19 pandemic in close cooperation with civil society, citizens and groups representing the most vulnerable and underrepresented groups.

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