Roma Health and Housing: Filling in the Gaps — A Policy Paper by the Roma Health Network

Analysis of national action plans for Roma health and housing, focusing on health outcomes and highlighting blind spots in the strategies.

EPHA (a)live at the WHO Europe Regional Committee meeting

The RC72 sought and reached a consensus on key actions in several priority health areas, including those of particular interest for EPHA and its members.

Why Europe needs a health-oriented food policy | Position paper

Focusing on the EU Farm to Fork Strategy, this paper proposes a package of policy recommendations to create healthy and sustainable food environments.

An Overview of AMR: Facilitating a One Health approach to this global health threat

New report presenting a concise account of AMR knowledge and developments in the areas of health, science and surveillance.

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Working towards better health for all in Europe.

Healthy Environments

Transforming the food system and preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) for human well-being and planetary health.

Health Inequalities

Stand against discrimination, for inclusion and equal opportunities for all to live, work and age in sustainable, healthy environments.

Healthcare Delivery

We stand for transparency, accountability and the public interest in pharmaceuticals – and better access to better medicines for all.

Health Systems and Economy

Trade for health, not health for trade! A progressive trade policy that works for the public good is possible and achievable.

Global Public Health

AMR is threatening human and animal health as well as the environment. The consequences of inaction are too grave to contemplate.

Digital Transformation

Digital health has the power to revolutionise healthcare and tackle health inequalities – done wrong, it could exacerbate social and gender equity issues.

Latest Updates

The well-being economy: a remedy for social fractures

The well-being economy approach goes beyond the narrow, immediate, and destructive measures of growth, such as GDP, that exclusively focus on profit. Instead, it promotes investments and practices that grow human, social, economic and planetary capital.

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Spotlight on 

Crisis in Ukraine

War is the ultimate enemy of people’s health, where in addition to the loss of lives, injuries, and destruction, the entire public health is at stake. EPHA stands in full solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the wider region affected by the conflict.


The need for strong European action to tackle the flaws in our health systems and support our health workforce have been highlighted by different countries’ ability to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak as effectively as others.

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