Politics and Health

This cluster looks closely at policy-making processes in the field of health, as well as the involvement of civil society. This includes a campaign since 2021 focusing on guaranteeing the continuation of the Operating Grants for Health NGOs, provided by DG SANTE as part of the EU4Health Programme. Furthermore, the cluster is also working on advocating for further involvement and more meaningful engagement of civil society in the European health policy processes.

As part of the work in this cluster, EPHA is taking part in the coordination of the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance. The project Better Regulation for Better Health is as well part of this cluster.

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September 27, 2023

Health diplomacy at a crossroads

Global health diplomacy becomes central to health governance at global, regional and at country level,...


Clémentine Richer Delforge

Clémentine Richer Delforge

Policy Officer

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