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EU4Health Civil Society Alliance – Joint statement on sustainable funding for (health) civil society organisations (CSOs)

In a joint statement, the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance, gathering more than 30 health civil...

EU4Health Civil Society Alliance event in the European Parliament called for better, more sustainable ways of funding for civil society organisations of all sectors

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) across the EU are facing increasing barriers in the implementation of...

The Rome Manifesto: A Manifesto for action to safeguard public health

In this episode, we discuss with those that helped develop the manifesto and very publicly...

WHO/Europe and EPHA Sign New MoU to Strengthen Collaboration for Better Health and Wellbeing in Europe

In a significant step toward promoting health equity and improving people’s health, WHO/Europe and the...

EPHA’s priorities to strengthen public health across the EU ahead of the 2024 European elections

EPHA has defined its priorities and recommendations ahead of the upcoming European elections in 2024....

EPHA’s response to the stakeholders’ targeted consultation on the 2024 EU4Health Annual Work Programme

The Commission has launched a targeted consultation on the EU4Health programme’s future priorities, orientation and needs....

The Rome Manifesto — reinvigorating Public Health advocacy to put people and the planet first

In May 2023, over 3,000 public health professionals and researchers, policymakers, and students will convene...

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