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Putting Health back on the EU Agenda

The approaching European Parliament elections serve as a reminder that EPHA has been working towards this year’s renewal of the EU institutions for more than a year now. This work first focusses on the European Parliament elections at the start of June, and then moves on to the new European Commission that will be nominated, and then assessed by the new MEPs before taking the helm at the end of the year. With the first step in this process being the EP elections EPHA published its own manifesto to put Health on the EU Agenda last year. This manifesto has been presented to the main political groups in the European Parliament so as to help them to craft their own manifestos.  

But the real campaigning is about to begin. Of key significance is ensuring that all those motivated by health issues participate in the election. Getting people to vote and to select their choices based on information about their commitment to health is therefore now the focus for EPHAs efforts. To make the greatest impact possible EPHA has partnered with the European Parliament’s own campaign to motivate people to #UseYourVote.  

And to begin this campaign EPHA will launch a video clip for social media that highlights how health has fallen down the EUs priorities and why is needs to be moved to a much more prominent position. And one of the key reasons that will be cited in this video for a much greater emphasis on health for the EU is the contribution the EU can and should make to resolving the crisis in healthcare workforce shortages. 

The video will urge all to everyone to #UseYourVote and points the viewer to the EPHA website for the details of what we have included in our manifesto and also to forthcoming analysis of how the manifestos of the Political groups in the European Parliament align with the public health priorities of the EPHA manifesto. 


Disclaimer: the opinions – including possible policy recommendations – expressed in the article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of EPHA. The mere appearance of the articles on the EPHA website does not mean an endorsement by EPHA.

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