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What sets us apart from other EU public health NGOs is our membership and our audiences. We can proudly say that we are a people’s platform for public health – set up by people and for people.

Our Membership includes an array of organisations that represent vulnerable population groups, including children, older, the homeless, Roma communities, people living with AIDS, and those that suffer from substance abuse or gender-based violence. Our nurses, doctors and scientists are not with us to talk with each other. For that, they have their own professional associations. They are in EPHA to get involved in people’s voice, to talk with people and to work for people.

Make your voice heard

Connect with relevant policy and decision makers and strengthen the voice of your organisation and of public health in Europe.

Raise your organisation’s profile

Promote your activities and priorities. Find new partners through our website, newsletters and other communication channels/media opportunities.

Build your organisation’s capacity

Join forces with other EPHA members in dedicated networks to share knowledge and work together on public health issues, access policy insights, opportunities for training and professional development, and advocacy tools to press for better health policies at national and European level.

Establish effective new connections

Attend meetings convened by EPHA on key public health issues and learn and exchange with public health experts from all over Europe. Enjoy preferential access to flagship EPHA events.

EPHA’s Members

In our broad and versatile membership, we host organisations from the European umbrella ones to the smallest of local grass roots.

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About our Membership

The why, the what and the how! Find out how EPHA supports its members and the added value to your organisation.

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What are the Membership Benefits?
  • being part of an impactful alliance
  • the access provided to key stakeholders
  • the space for engagement on common topics
  • speaking with one voice on important issues
  • the impact achieved together
  • the expertise within the Team
  • the expertise within the membership
  • the expert advice coming from scientific and strategic advisers
  • the learning opportunities & capacity building
  • the diversity of the membership
  • the networking and socializing opportunities
Can my organisation join EPHA?

EPHA welcomes organisations with a purpose aligned to that of our own – to promote and protect the health of all people living in Europe, and to ensure the participation of all citizens in health-related policymaking at the European level. This includes non-governmental organisations and other not-for-profit organisations and professional bodies, whether local, regional, national, European or international: 

  • which have no profit-making purpose; 
  • which decision-making process is independent of political, commercial and private interests; 
  • which in pursuing their activities commit to evidence-informed public health action. 

EPHA’s membership is open, but not limited to the following types of organisations: 

  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) concerned with health promotion, disease and injury prevention in their wider sense
  • NGOs representing patients and carers concerned about public health issues 
  • NGOs for which health is a major consideration, such as consumer, development, human rights and environmental organisations 
  • Educational/academic institutions active in areas relevant to public health 
  • Professional associations active in areas relevant to public health 
  • Statutory & non-statutory health agencies 
  • Regional, city and local authorities
How can I become an EPHA member?

Please fill out this form, include all the supporting documents, and return it to aleksandar.sokolovic@epha.org

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Aleksandar Sokolović

Aleksandar Sokolović

Head of Organisational Development

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