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The Rome Manifesto: A Manifesto for action to safeguard public health

The Rome Public Health Advocacy Manifesto represents a significant step forward in prioritizing public health on a global scale. Its focus on people, planet, evidence-based policy, partnerships, investment, and trust in science highlights the key areas that need urgent attention for a world in turmoil.

In this episode, we discuss with those that helped develop the manifesto and very publicly signed it to find out what that they found new and important in it and what they personally committed to by putting their signature on the manifesto.


  • Carlo Signorelli – President of ASPHER
  • Ines Siepmann – Coordinator of Young Professionals Programme, ASPHER
  • Alice Chapman-Hatchett – President of EPHA
  • Robert Otok – Director of ASPHER

See here for more information on the text of the manifesto and how you too can commit to it and actions that will address its five objectives.

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