Dr Aleksandar Sokolović

Head of Organisational Development

Aleksandar (also known as Sasha), is a Senior Manager supporting EPHA in its development, with a focus on membership, funding and governance. To secure and facilitate EPHA’s health and sustainability, he makes sure that organisational challenges are tackled by simple strategies that get implemented through decisive sets of actions, and delivered through fit-for-purpose, high-quality teamwork.

Sasha holds a PhD in Medicine from the University of Amsterdam, and an MSc in Applied Genetics from the University of Belgrade. He has two decades of experience in scientific research, stakeholder relations, and organisational development, with a track record in developing and implementing programmatic, membership and funding strategies.

By both nature and nurture, Sasha is a strategic thinker and a dot connector, with an engineering mindset, and a hands-on approach to tying up the loose ends.

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