Marius Radulescum, Roma Health Fellow 2012-2014, The Roma Center for Health Policy – SASTIPEN

Since 2010, the Roma Center for Health Policies – SASTIPEN has been implementing a Tutorship Programme to help Roma students in several European countries (like Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, and Bulgaria) who want to become doctors and whose social and financial support is limited.

This Tutorship Programme offers preparatory courses for Roma students in biology, chemistry and/or physics. Roma students also receive mentoring and technical assistance to help them pass admission exams for higher education institutions specialising in medical areas

Through the Tutorship Programme, SASTIPEN actively participates, on a long term basis, in creating significant numbers of Roma health professionals who will contribute to increasing Roma access to public health services in eastern european countries.

This year, SASTIPEN also became a partner in the project, “A generation of Roma specialists in Health,” which is funded by the European Social Fund.

The project is implemented by a consortium of four NGOs. The scheme’s general objective is to support the access of young Roma people to academic education in health, as well as to combat the stereotypical view of Roma people as being uninterested in education and unable to carry out professions which require being highly qualified.

The project represents a follow-up to the Roma Health Scholarship Programme implemented by the Open Society Institute-Budapest, including the following current and upcoming actions:

1. Tutorship Programme for 275 Roma students who wish to follow a medical career;

2. Mentorship Programme for 160 Roma students enrolled in higher education institutions in the medical field.

3. Scholarship Programme for all beneficiaries of the tutorship and mentoring programmes.

For further information on the project, please visit Studenti Romi la Medicina (only in Romanian language) and Profesionisti Romi.


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