AMR Stakeholder Network

Under the auspices of the European Commission’s Health Policy Platform

The AMR Stakeholder Network brings together more than 60 leading organisations and individuals committed to tackling Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) at national, regional and European level, covering all dimensions of the ‘One Health’ approach.


Established in 2017, under the auspices of the European Commission’s Health Policy Platform, the network, led by EPHA, aims to ensure that AMR remains high on the EU agenda during the new Commission’s mandate, advocating for well-coordinated and resourced actions at EU level and in the Member States, aligned with the global work led by the World Health Organization, UN agencies and other actors.

The Network’s objectives:

Contribute to discussions on the cross-border health threat of AMR, promoting a One Health approach.

Advocate for the EU to be a strong leader in Europe and globally in the fight against AMR.

Build consensus on the key EU priorities for tackling AMR, through the EU one health action plan.

Campaign for increased EU support and resources for member states to implement their AMR national action plans.

AMR Stakeholder Network Members

Organisations committed to working together to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) at national, regional and European level, based on a ‘One Health’ approach.

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MEP Interest Group to tackle AMR

The European Parliament can play a key role enhancing EU-level AMR actions and ensuring the Commission and Member States fulfill commitments with effective policy responses to combat AMR.

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What is a Stakeholder Network?

Stakeholder Networks are networks approved by the Commission on a specific key health policy area and operate within the Health Policy Platform. The AMR Stakeholder network was set up to follow up on the Joint Statement and Call to Action on AMR, which urges EU policy-makers to effectively implement the EU One Health Action Plan against AMR , and has been endorsed by over 40 organisations from different sectors. It is the only platform where civil society can exchange with national and European policymakers and stakeholders working to tackle AMR.

How can I join the AMR Stakeholder Network?

You can join the AMR Stakeholder Network by filling out this form. Please find the terms of reference here.

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