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People in the EU are calling for unprecedented change in our food systems, demanding climate action, environmental protection, improved animal welfare and social justice. Food systems are pushing us across ‘planetary boundaries’, driving diet-related diseases and failing to deliver decent livelihoods in the EU and beyond: they are therefore at the heart of the change that citizens are asking for. EU policies, and in particular the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), have so far failed to drive a transition towards sustainable food systems.
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The time for action is now: daring to change the way we make policies, adopting systemic approaches, and providing the tools we need to spark those changes. An integrated food policy can reclaim public policy for the public good, rebuild public confidence in the European project, and put the EU on track to meet the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement.

The European Union must pave the way to sustainable food systems by:

Developing an inclusive and transparent governance and regulatory framework for policy coherence and transformation;

Driving a transition to sustainable, healthy diets by creating enabling food environments;

Ensuring the welfare and health of farmed animals;

Driving global action for sustainable food systems;

Supporting a transition to agroecological food production that safeguards the environment, the climate, and our health;

Establishing a socially and economically just food system;


Promoting participatory research and knowledge exchange for sustainable food systems;

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