First Years, First Priority

Already in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, the foundations are laid that could determine health for the rest of their life. By advocating for political attention and resources towards Early Childhood Development (ECD), we can work towards ensuring a fair start for all children, especially those most vulnerable.

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For this purpose, the First Years, First Priority (FYFP) campaign was set up by Eurochild and the International Step by Step Association (ISSA). EPHA is an associate partner, together with the Roma Education Fund. Together with its national coordinators, FYFP works towards keeping ECD high on the political agenda.

We advocate for comprehensive, multidisciplinary interventions that address the multi-faceted challenges of families and children who are at greater risk of discrimination and exclusion. The whole society will be better off if the most vulnerable are included.

We advocate for support to parents with young children and for increased access of families and young children to essential early childhood services, to realize children’s rights and ensure them with equal opportunities to safe, healthy and optimal development.

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