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This EPHA policy briefing highlights 11 main ways in which the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) can deliver for better health.


There is widespread agreement that health should be a pillar of the future CAP, but practically what does this mean? As debates on the reform of the CAP intensify, this briefing identifies how the EU’s agricultural policy can promote health objectives.

Together with a more detailed online discussion on policy options, it aims to encourage the development of credible, meaningful and comprehensive policy responses to fully realise the European agricultural sector’s potential to promote healthy and sustainable living.


As we enter another round of CAP reform, this briefing provides a welcome starting point to discuss how agricultural policy can promote health and prevent diseases. It is clear that health can no longer be forgotten, and that a future-looking CAP can be a key instrument in the evolution towards a healthy, sustainable food system. We only need to make good use of it.”

Sascha Marschang, Acting Director, European Public Health Alliance


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