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In an effort to educate and raise debate within the health and environment community on approaches to and synergies between climate protection and health promotion, the Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL) has launched a new specialized list serve on “Climate Change and Health”.

Climate change profoundly affects some of the most fundamental determinants of health. The resulting increase in frequency and severity of extreme weather events such as intense storms, heat waves, droughts and floods, will lead to increases in food and water shortages, food and water-borne diseases, heat-related deaths and deaths and injuries from flooding. Such potentially severe human health impacts require a clear response that place health protection at the center of the climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.

In an effort to educate and raise debate within the health and environment community on approaches to, and synergies between, climate protection and health promotion, HEAL has launched a dedicated list serve on “Climate Change and Health” with the
following objectives:

– Keep you up-to-date on climate change and health related issues. News will include policy developments, new studies and reports, key articles, the status of files in the EU decision-making process including key dates for action and consultation.
– Propose opportunities for action at national or EU level in the field of
climate change and health.
– Provide a forum for information exchange.
– Notify participants of meetings and events associated with climate change and health.
– Identify opportunities for joint press releases and media promotion.
– Mobilize the health care sector to advocate for climate change mitigation and adaptation policies that protect health and promote energy saving and energy efficiency.

This free, dedicated list serve aims to create an easy-to-use, dynamic forum for discussion, where subscribers not only receive important e-mail messages related to climate change and health, but can also connect with other users on the list by sending a single email.

If you would like to join please send an email to the HEAL Secretariat including your name, organization and email address.

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