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Digital Health

A holistic and socially-inclusive approach to the use of technology in public health is possible. EPHA works to ensure that digital tools are inclusive and integrated into current health systems, rather than being used to replace them.

We advocate for a continuity of care in a cross-border Europe and for the strengthening of digital health literacy skills, in order to ensure better access to healthcare for all.


Reflection paper: Data-driven healthcare developments and the digitalisation of society

Making best use of Big Data and AI: There’s nothing artificial about people’s health needs

Report | The future is now: digitalisation and public health

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Past Events

My eHealth, My Way: Personal Experiences in Effective eHealth Use

11 May 2017

eHealth week 2017. EPHA and its Members present experiences from specific areas, including mental health and diabetes, to show in what way(s) eHealth meets users’ needs and expectations.

Do you have a question?

Meet our Digital Health Policy Lead and Scientific Advisor.

Dr Stefan Buttigieg, MSc

EPHA Scientific Advisor on Digital Health
Specialist Trainee in Public Health Medicine at the Ministry of Health, Malta

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