Empowering a One Health Approach: Insights from the MEP Interest Group on AMR Annual Event at the European Parliament

The MEP Interest Group on AMR annual event took place at the European Parliament on 24 October 2023, titled Ensuring a One Health approach to tackle AMR at the EU level.  This was an event to showcase the commitment of MEP’ to the fight against the health threat posed by Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). The MEP Interest Group on AMR are ensuring that the EU ‘plan to tackle AMR remains high on the EU policy agenda and that the European Parliament plays a key role in boosting AMR action, stressing the need for urgent action through a multi-sectoral One Health approach, which addresses human, animal, and environmental health and ensuring that the EU and its Member States deliver on their commitments and implement effective actions at EU, national, and regional levels.

Hon. MEP Sarah Wiener, of the Greens/EFA, from Austria gave the opening remark via video to kick start the event.

The event which is co-hosted with the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and Health Care Without Harm (HCWH), brought together experts in Brussels for the discussion to share information to demonstrate a one health approach to addressing AMR, curated in two sessions.

The first session; Breaking silos to create healthy environments, was moderated by EPHA’s Policy Manager Madda Henry Magbity.

The second Session; Reducing antimicrobial overuse upstream: the crucial role of antimicrobial stewardship was moderated by HCWH’s Programme Manager Erik Ruiz.

Addressing the hybrid attendances, the tone for discussion was set in the opening remarks ‘We are here to shape the current debate on AMR through a strategic, assertive, and effective engagement, and by expanding partnerships in AMR. Pointed to the Council adopted the AMR Recommendation on 13 June 2023, aimed at stepping up EU actions to combat antimicrobial resistance in a One Health approach, are a conversation starter. The event demonstrated considerable emphasis on partnerships, investments, innovative approaches, and collaboration. Through existing and emerging AMR initiatives and multi-stakeholder partnerships, AMR can be addressed. The implementation of EC adopted AMR Council Recommendation, the recently adopted WHO Roadmap on antimicrobial resistance for the WHO European Region 2023-2030 and evident guidance to tackle AMR that must be put to use. The urgency to find a solution to halt and reverse the spread and manage AMR is on all of us. The EU Global Health Strategy prioritises to combat AMR under the context of a One Health approach, and we must ensure that concrete provisions to address AMR are included in the context of the negotiation of a potential WHO international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response. There is no time to waste for saving lives and to prevent and to protect and promote better health for all.

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