EPHA Accountability Report 2021-2023

Accountability is vital for the success of any organisation, especially an association entrusted by its members to represent their views and interests in improving health for all.

Three years into the implementation of EPHA Strategy 2021-2025, and at the beginning of a conception of EPHA Strategy 2026-2030, this accountability report offers an overview of the internal work done to secure a successful implementation of the current, and a solid foundation for the upcoming strategic plan. Following her commitments made to EPHA Board at the point of hiring, to EPHA staff and members at her “100 days in the office” address, and in line with the Organisational Development Strategy that EPHA Director General presented to EPHA Members at the AGA 2021, this report looks into the organisational improvements accomplished in 2021-2023 to ensure:

  • A tightly knit, fit-for-purpose, functional team
  • A value-based membership
  • Watertight funding and governance
  • Top-notch advocacy, tightly coordinated across policy areas
  • Strong networks and partnerships
  • Outstanding communications

This strategic renewal of internal functioning throughout 2021-2023 has already borne fruit, as evident from the highest ever annual budget in 2023 (212% compared to 2020), and the highest ever number of grants and projects conducted by EPHA (reaching 18 in 2023, 150% of that in 2020). The impact on the efficiency, however, only becomes clear when the team size, increased by 72%, is put against the 2.12-fold increased budget as a proxy of the volume of work, and especially in combination with the 45% lower budgetary contribution of admin and operations costs.

2024 will see EPHA closely monitoring its organisational performance: it will develop a systematic way to evaluate team’s efficacy, efficiency, and effectiveness, its ability to mobilise resources, as well as to evaluate the integration of EPHA’s policy, advocacy, membership, comms and fundraising. Together with monitoring EPHA’s policy and advocacy efficiency, this will allow assessment of EPHA’s progress towards fulfilling its mission.

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