EPHA Board Statement: EPHA, from Crisis to Renaissance

The challenging circumstances for public health and the shrinking space for civil society require strong civil society organisations like EPHA to deliver equitable solutions to public health challenges in Europe and beyond, all to improve health and reduce health inequalities.

The Board is profoundly aware and acknowledges the severity of the crisis of trust in EPHA’s governance and conduct in the last months. At the same time, the Board is mindful of EPHA’s strengths and achievements, also recognising those of the management and the staff who have contributed to them.


  • The Board is resolutely committed to overcoming any ongoing obstacles through:
    • demonstrating keen support and trust in all of the team involved in delivering on EPHA’s significant aims and objectives;
    • preserving the effectiveness and impact of the organisation;
    • improving transparency and clarity of communication;

all while actively cooperating and interacting with EPHA members and key stakeholders.


  • The Board will promote EPHA, and demonstrate a solid commitment to its core values and principles, including peace, solidarity, equity, and people’s empowerment, while working towards improved health for people and the planet.
  • Accordingly, all EPHA’s activities will be considered simply and importantly as instruments to achieve these objectives. Not the aim of personal power or reward.
  • The well-being, justice, and happiness of everyone – also in EPHA – are the drivers and objectives that will determine the Board’s vision, strategy, and commitment.

In terms of immediate concrete actions, the Board and management will be focusing on:

  1. devising and implementing a short-term funding strategy;
  2. prioritising membership recruitment and strengthening partnerships;
  3. encouraging greater membership engagement;
  4. introducing an “open door policy” and “active listening”;
  5. facilitating team recovery and wellbeing. 

A clear plan is in place for each of these pillars, and the Board commits to regular reporting to members, including in an all-members meeting in early October, and in an Extraordinary General Assembly in December to launch the future action plan.

Europe is navigating a landscape of simultaneous transformations that present significant challenges and opportunities for public health, such as the fossil fuel economy, international tensions, new pathogens, climate change, mental health challenges. This requires a whole new thinking at all levels. The Board is determined to encourage such new thinking in everyday practice also in EPHA.

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