The statement will be presented to the conference (on July 5th) by Jo Jewell, World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF International) International Policy & Public Affairs Manager.

In this statement civil society calls on Member States and WHO to consider three recommendations:

1. Ensure a healthier media environment for our children

2. Create a healthy food environment in schools

3. Improve the quality of the food supply

Introduction of Mr Jewell’s speech:

“Thank you Chair, Honourable Ministers, Regional Director and esteemed delegates. My name is Jo Jewell and I am here today representing World Cancer Research Fund International and six other organisations concerned with nutrition and non-communicable diseases: the European Heart Network, the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), the European Public Health Alliance, the International Association for the Study of Obesity, the International Diabetes Federation-Europe and the NCD Alliance. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute the following short statement to this meeting of European Ministers.”

Statement to the WHO European Ministerial Conference on Nutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases (pdf download)

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