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9 June 2016 Brussels: EPHA has been campaigning to mitigate the negative public health impacts of TTIP, including the impact of reducing tariffs on the growing rates of non-communicable diseases (NCDs); the potential impact on public healthcare services; and the potential impact of the pharmaceutical chapter on affordability of medicines and transparency of clinical trials data.

In its submission to the consultation on the draft Sustainability Impact Assessment of TTIP, EPHA looks at each of these areas, noting previous analysis and providing suggested changes to the SIA to ensure that the health impacts of TTIP are accurately reflected in the final report. The submission also includes areas where EPHA supports the approach taken by the SIA with regard to health, including the use of the term ‘unhealthy commodities’.

EPHA’s response to the consultation can be downloaded here

Background information on EPHA’s response can be downloaded here

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