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EPHA is delighted to announce that, for the first time, it is offering its advocacy and European affairs services on a consultancy basis. In addition to its core public health advocacy, EPHA is now offering to share its 20-year long expertise in Brussels to support other organisations who share EPHA’s values in their efforts to advance better health for all at an EU and country level.

We can help you navigate the Brussels bubble, build relevant relationships with the health community and stakeholders, raise awareness and increase your advocacy impact, as well as develop your expertise and knowledge. EPHA is able to offer strategic advice, training communications and events support. In addition to this, we can offer specific activities in the policy areas and themes that form our daily activities such as food, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, health equity and many others.


We combine a long-standing understanding of European public affairs in health and other areas that impact on health, access to policy-makers and decision-makers, a vast network of contacts, and a large pool of resources to help you build your advocacy capacity and increase your impact at European level.

Our unique selling point is that all EPHA’s clients share our values. You can be confident that we are transparent with our clients, there is no conflict of interest and we do not provide services for any organisation that contributes to health related harm.

  • Thinking of organising an event in Brussels? Ask us for a quote. Our pricing is very competitive as we keep our overheads low.


. Develop outreach campaigns to engage and influence key EU political stakeholders.

. Train, mentor and support your staff to be better heard on the Brussels scene and to work successfully with the media.

. Empower you to engage with the relevant levers to gain a better standing in the EU institutional and media agenda.

. Help connect you with who you should be talking to – not only policy-makers, but also like-minded associations. We create settings for you to network, laying the groundwork to build long-standing relationships.

. Identify opportunities (i.e. policy developments at an EU level) that will enhance your advocacy work.

. Deliver relevant views and news on your behalf if you are not based in Brussels.

. Use research to analyse the EU political landscape and how it relates to your objectives.

. Organise your events. EPHA puts at the service of your organisation its outstanding track-record in organising events in Brussels. We work with our clients to amplify their voices in supporting the well-being of all Europeans. In that need, events play a critical role in putting your message across and open the door to a fruitful dialogue with your stakeholders and policy-makers.

Get in touch and lets us know how we can help.

Contact information:
Javier Delgado,
Communications Coordinator –
Tel.: +32 2 233 3876