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EPHA Newsletter | Advocating for Better Health: the role of EPHA’s Healthy Environments cluster

Hello readers! We are Alessandro Gallina (Policy Manager for NCD Prevention), and Alba Gil (Policy Officer for Food Systems), and together we represent the Healthy Environments cluster, one of the seven core thematic areas within EPHA. With our diverse backgrounds in medicine, law, and policy, we are committed to pave the way towards a healthier future.

As we continue our commitment to a comprehensive approach to health, addressing various aspects and challenges, our fantastic colleagues working on clean air, anti-microbial resistance, and climate change have joined forces to form a dedicated cluster on Global Public Health. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to them and look forward to engage in fruitful collaborations across various cross-cluster themes and activities in the future.

As we, together with our members, embark on shaping the future of our cluster, we are actively engaged in the process of planning the advocacy strategy and workplan for the next two years. In fact, envisioning solutions and making them a reality is only possible with our members’ relentless participation, support and energy, and for that we are grateful and proud. However, we strongly encourage each of our partners and supporters to voice their thoughts and actively contribute to the ongoing discussions, ensuring that our strategy encompasses the diverse perspectives and needs of the public health community.

With the sky set as our limit, our cluster aspires to reach new heights and make a profound impact, in terms of promotion of health, prevention of non-communicable diseases and protection of the most vulnerable groups. As we strive to address critical issues such as health equity, social justice, determinants of health, and primordial, primary and secondary prevention, we are actively seeking to expand our membership base, and invite experts from diverse backgrounds to promote innovation and drive progress. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and embracing a holistic approach, we are eager to tap into the expertise of members from other clusters within EPHA, as their unique perspectives and experiences can enrich our collective efforts.

Recent successes within our cluster serve as powerful examples of the power of collective action. We are thrilled to announce that Ireland has passed a national law mandating health warning labels on alcoholic products, contributing to greater public awareness of the associated risks. Additionally, we filed a public consultation on the updating of the EU legislative framework on tobacco products, leveraging the expertise and insights of our members. Moreover, recently EPHA was invited to provide an intervention on the urgent need to address NCDs in Europe at the Subcommittee on Public Health of the European Parliament (SANT). Finally, we have published our latest report on The Illusion of Choice and how food environments shape our reality, and we have participated in the podcast of SlowFood, Breaking the chain of food poverty. We encourage you to read the articles in this newsletter, which delve into these significant achievements.

As EPHA celebrates its milestone 30th anniversary, we look ahead with renewed determination to shape a future where everyone has better and equal opportunities for good health. Hence, we will continue striving for promotion, prevention, protection and, most importantly, participation. In fact, only together, we have the power to influence policy decisions, address the underlying determinants of health that impact our communities, and create environments that support healthy choices and lifestyles.

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