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EPHA has contributed a statement on the draft European Programme of Work (EPW) of the World Health Organization (European Region), following a public consultation on its objectives and plans for the next five years. The consultation process kicked off  with a virtual briefing for Non-State Actors (NSAs) on 26th June, where Dr Kluge, WHO Europe Regional Director, stressed the importance of NSAs’ support for the WHO and the need to strengthen partnership in areas of common interest. Dr Kluge wants to ensure that the EPW facilitates the implementation of the WHO’s 13th Global Programme of Work and ultimately the achievement of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals.

The briefing also marked the beginning of efforts to develop a new relationship between WHO Europe and NSAs across the European Region. NSAs were invited to express their  views on the EPW flagship initiatives and how to work together in practical terms on these topics, as well as WHO Europe’s engagement with other intergovernmental bodies such as the European Union. On specific EPW flagship initiatives, such as the Immunization 2030 Agenda, where the private sector is a key actor WHO Europe has also welcomed suggestions from NSAs on best practices and what collaboration with the WHO could look like.

Next steps

A physical meeting is planned to take place in Brussels, possibly in October-November 2020, which will be an opportunity for the Member States to be more involved. WHO Europe would like to organize more events and consultations with NSAs on different aspects of their work in the near future. Dowload the EPHA statement below