EPHA has mobilized several organizations, experts and researchers advocating Roma health at EU and national level, to promote and to protect the health of Roma people in Europe as well as to increase Roma people participation in health policy making at EU, national and local level, as part of a new Roma Health Network.  The initial meeting on 8 October took place against the backdrop of the 12th European Platform for Roma Inclusion, which addressed Roma health for the first time in many years.

EPHA Interim Secretary General Sascha Marschang highlighted EPHA’s  commitments to tackle  health inequalities mentioning that “the marginalized part of the population suffers worse health than the majority and in that context Roma Health and Early Childhood Development is particularly relevant. The  EU Platform for Roma Inclusion 2018 is a key opportunity , to share key messages, make connections and bring together a network of like-minded, interested stakeholders to act together to tackle health inequalities, especially as they affect Roma.

The main areas of interest of the network will be the analysis and development of health policies, as well as public health strategies and interventions in the Roma communities, in order to improve the health status of the members of this minority. The network will contribute to development of health-related policies and practices which reflect the values of inclusion, justice and equality and EPHA will play a leading role in forming the coalition.

The network will function as a coordinated network to build capacity, empower and therefore facilitate national level advocacy actions to improve Roma health, including current and past Roma health fellows. The network members will undertake campaigns at national level while EPHA will coordinate activities to promote health equity at European level.

Marius Tudor

Roma Health Project Manager

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