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On 11 October 2012, EPHA Secretariat organised a meeting of its Working Group on Mental Health. The meeting focused on sharing the key developments of the working group (since June 2011), and to discuss a draft briefing that EPHA Secretariat prepared on ‘The impact of the crisis on the population’s mental health’ (mainly through levels of employment and unemployment as a result of the crisis).

Agenda of the meeting.

Because of the break-in to the EPHA office and the fact that a number of laptops were stolen, the minutes of the working group will not be published this time. However, one of the main action points agreed on at the meeting was for the Secretariat to circulate for comments/inputs its draft briefing on the impact of the crisis on the population’s mental health. The draft is shared with the working group participants first and then to the broader EPHA membership. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

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