EPHA’s contribution to the WHO Europe Access to Novel Medicines Platform

EPHA participated in an online consultation and submitted comments to the WHO Europe on their recently launched multi-stakeholder Access to Novel Medicines Platform. The platform follows from the WHO Europe Oslo Medicines Initiative to which EPHA actively contributed and seeks to promote better access to affordable medicines. 

The skyrocketing prices of medicines is currently threatening the health and wellbeing of patients and the sustainability of healthcare systems in Europe and the world. And with the combined impacts of COVID-19, the Ukraine conflict, inflation, and energy crises putting additional pressure on national budgets, solutions to this issue are urgently needed.

In our short EPHA response to the consultation, we envisioned some recommendations for the newly launched platform. Our recommendations are in line with the 3 pillars of Oslo Medicines Initiative (solidarity, transparency, and sustainability) and seek to ensure a balanced dialogue that provides effective and equitable solutions for patients and citizens across Europe and the world.

With the upcoming revision of the EU pharmaceutical legislation offering further opportunities to improve the current system, the time for action to ensure affordable medicines for all is now.  

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