EPHA’s priorities to strengthen public health across the EU ahead of the 2024 European elections

EPHA has defined its priorities and recommendations ahead of the upcoming European elections in 2024. The manifesto presents five key priorities, aiming at strengthening public health, improve wellbeing and prepare for future health crises. EPHA calls for: 

  • Defending health in receiving the priority it deserves; 
  • Securing an ambitious budget for health; 
  • Promoting health equity, social justice and social rights. To do so, EPHA calls for combatting intersectional health inequalities; ensuring equal access to medicines, supporting tools, supplies and technologies; and promoting digital health literacy. 
  • Actively engaging civil society in health policymaking; 
  • Securing the EU’s resilience and robustness amidst the permacrisis. Sub-recommendations include prioritizing health over commercial interests to tackle and prevent NCDs; making sustainable food systems and food environments a political priority; leading in the global fight against AMR; and effectively approaching climate change and health at all levels. 

EPHA has also endorsed the manifesto from the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance, calling for health to remain high on the EU political agenda, through 10 key priorities and the Civil Society for EU 2024 elections manifesto for better civic space and civil dialogue.

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